I am a professor, researcher and photographer. 

I have a Ph.D. in Social History from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, with a thesis on German photographer George Huebner’s (1862-1935) early 20th century work in the Amazon; M.A. in Arts from Universidade Federal Fluminense and B.A. in Art History and Cinema from Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, USA. 

I am a professor of Photography and Arts at State University of Rio de Janeiro. In 2014/2015 I did post-doctoral work at Freie Universität Berlin / Art History Institute researching Brazilian and German photography in the 1950s.

I studied and collaborated with Brazilian avant-garde artist Hélio Oiticica (1937-1980). In the 1970’s produced experimental films. Between 1980 and 2000 I photographed, researched, directed and produced documentaries in the Amazon. I wrote three books on the Amazon Parintins Boi-bumbá Festival and worked as production and direction assistant in Werner Herzog’s film “Fitzcarraldo”.

I am a member of the Brazilian Anthropology Association and in 2004 won its Pierre Verger Photography prize. 

In 2015 I received the Marc Ferrez photography prize from the Brazilian National Art Foundation, for the project “Berlin<>Rio: Routes and Memories”. You can check out here the book

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